This has to be one of the easiest way to use fresh summer strawberries, layers of buttery biscuits, sweetened vanilla whipped cream and the humble strawberry.
With the advent of fast shipping most countries around the world have strawberries available to purchase in the grocery store all year round, “Great” or not so great?
What should a strawberry be? In my view it should have a few qualities namely aroma, softness to the touch, colour, and taste of course.
The aroma should hit you when you get within a few feet of a strawberry punnet this is natures way of ringing the dinner bell.
The colour should be a bright red, visually appealing and shouting “I’m ready to be eaten, come and get me”
Touching that red fruit should be a gentle experience trying not to bruise or release the juices within.
Flavour …..well its all about the flavour folks, eat your strawberries at room temperature to get that hit of summer and take in that sweetness!
Nature has developed this system to encourage animals and ourselves to eat the fruit and carry the seeds a further distance to continue the growth of the plant elsewhere….but usually its left to the animals to do this now.
If the strawberries you purchase don’t have those qualities then I’m guessing the local growing season has come and gone and you’re back to the woody, flavourless, scentless version that’s available the other nine months of the year.
Eating something in season has its rewards but of course you have to wait and wait and wait until its time again but this is where freezing, canning, dehydrating, making jam etc etc can all help you to extend the summer into the winter months that are ahead.
Anyway back to the dish in the picture, its a perfect balance of crunchy biscuit, soft strawberries and velvety whipped cream that makes this dish a staple on the summer menus all over the UK and hopefully here in Saskatoon you might feel like adding a new family favourite to your kitchen.

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