So Saskmade Market place on 8th street here in Saskatoon posted they had fresh chanterelles on their facebook page and I had to get some!!

I ended up with a pound (16oz) of plump mushrooms and headed back to the kitchen to think about a way to use them.
Firstly I had to think about the texture and flavour of these stunning fungi, they have a very meaty texture with a slightly peppery taste so work well with strong flavours.
After looking around I gathered my ingredients, basil, thyme, garlic and tomato fresh from my garden and a bag of large green lentils.
Lots of strong earthy flavours which need a touch of acid to balance them out which brings in some balsamic vinegar.
The key here was to keep the dish simple and use layers of flavours that promote the main ingredients(lentils and mushrooms) and not distract the palette away as is so often the case.
The lentils are grown here in Saskatchewan and are perfect for a salad of this nature as they hold up well too cooking and stay whole which is great for presentation.
They of course come canned in the grocery store for speed but I had some time and decided to cook these little beauties myself, from start to finish takes about 20 minutes and once drained I left them warm as the salad was going to be a warm affair.
I chiffonaded the basil, picked the thyme, sliced the garlic as thin as possible (Think the movie Goodfellas) I cut the tomato into pert wedges and prepared the chanterelles by removing the very end of the stalk and carefully scraping down the stalk to reveal the white (presentation purposes)
At the last minute I dropped the mushrooms into water to remove any dirt, this way they didn’t have time to soak up too much moisture.
I finely sliced a shallot and grabbed a saute pan, into the pan I added a glug of Canola oil (another local product) and a good knob of butter followed by the shallots which softened for a few seconds.
Next I added the Chanterelles and a pinch of salt and a twist of black pepper again followed by the garlic and thyme moving the pan all the time tossing the ingredients into the air to get an even cook.
Once the Chanterelles had just started to soften I added the warm lentils and basil and again flipped everything into the air a few times then placed the pan to one side.
I placed the tomato wedges around the plate topped with a little deep fried basil leaf, arranged the lentil and Chanterelle mix in the center and with the pan juices mad a little dressing with a splash more of canola oil and some balsamic vinegar to make a quick dressing, then spooned this over the dish.
It was alive!! The flavours worked together nothing fighting everything in harmony……all of this from one province, what more could you ask for from Saskatchewan!!

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  1. 8-3-2012

    This is making me hungry.

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