Food Promotion

Simon has over two decades of cooking and teaching experience. This knowledge makes him the perfect host to promote your upcoming product. He has experience in public and private live cooking demonstrations with food discussions related to the product.


Saskatchewan Pulse Growers: Simon has worked with the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers in promoting their pulse product. He provided a cooking demonstration and tasting at the 2009 crop show, and hosted a pulse cooking class in 2011 for their industry clients from all of North America.

Saskatoon Farmer’s Market: Simon has performed various promotional demonstrations at the Farmer’s Market including ‘Agriculture in the City’ where local canola, pulses and chicken were featured.


  • Shaw TV: Simon appears regularly on Shaw “In the Kitchen” showcasing favourite recipes. The most recent of which can be found here:
  • CTV: Simon has appeared on CTV with host Jeff Rogstad showcasing food in the news with cooking demonstrations.
  • CBC Radio: Simon performed a radio interview explaining the role of a Private Chef.