Have you wanted to take a private cooking class
with your other half and just don’t have the time?


Would you and a few friends like to do a class together?


Using technology
Chef Simon will run a class via Skype


you don’t even have to leave your house!!

Class times are completely flexible as is location in the world –  just contact to discuss

You will need the following things:

  • Fast internet connection
  • Laptop or device with a built in camera
  • Skype account to allow a group call


Cooking class

Chef Simon will send you a detailed list of food and equipment you’ll need to do the class two weeks ahead of your booking.

Classes can be purchased via the website as usual and a time will be specified to begin.

Classes will run the usual 2-2.5 hours except you can cook and drink in the comfort of your own home!

Ask as many questions as you like and receive the recipes after the class.


We will set up a time to do a test video and any questions can be asked at that time.


Prices Add 5% GST

$250 for two people

$50 for every other person (Limitation will just be your kitchen space) contact to arrange payment.

Skype Private cooking class

Chef Simon will be offering a full range of classes via skype and any questions feel free to contact info@simonsfinefoods.com