As of March 1st 2022 masks are not required and eating in after the class returns. You are free to continue to wear a mask and pack up your food.

Classes will be limited to 6 people.
Once you have made the food if you want to pack up your food you can do so with the containers provided and take home.
If you have a family group then that number can be increased up to 8 people but must be immediate family members only.
If you are feeling unwell on the day unfortunately your attendance will not be permitted and no refunds are offered you can send someone in your place as before.
Sanitizer will be on the counter at the entrance.
Please leave bags and jackets at the front door area.
Please remain at stations during the class as much as possible.
Chef Simon will be wearing a mask when interacting at your station as per the Government of Saskatchewan guidelines.
If you have any questions feel free to contact Chef Simon.