Hot and cold SteelHead Trout Nicoise salad

Posted by on Aug 26, 2012

Steelhead Salmon…or is it Trout…..Steelhead Salmon Trout, how about that. I purchased this piece of fish from a local grocery store where it was labelled Steelhead Salmon but is more commonly known as Steelhead Trout and is raised here in Saskatchewan in Lake Diefenbaker so its as local as most fish gets here in the Prairies. The fillet caught my eye because it still had the skin on which to me is a selling point as I can use the skin to keep the fish moist as well as giving some crunchy texture....

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Welcome to my first Blog post- “Yes Chef”!

Posted by on Jul 30, 2012

Food…..I’ve been in the business of food professionally since 1988, starting out as an apprentice in a Hotel kitchen in Norwich, England. Issued with my five sets of Chef “whites” a twelve inch stainless steel Chefs knife and a small pairing knife made by Gustav Emil Ervin (The Chefs knife is still with me today) and a pair of steel toed non slip boots. The first day wearing this outfit plus apron and a tall paper hat was very uncomfortable like most new jobs tend to be but it slowly grew...

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