Hot and cold SteelHead Trout Nicoise salad

Posted by on Aug 26, 2012

Steelhead Salmon…or is it Trout…..Steelhead Salmon Trout, how about that. I purchased this piece of fish from a local grocery store where it was labelled Steelhead Salmon but is more commonly known as Steelhead Trout and is raised here in Saskatchewan in Lake Diefenbaker so its as local as most fish gets here in the Prairies. The fillet caught my eye because it still had the skin on which to me is a selling point as I can use the skin to keep the fish moist as well as giving some crunchy texture....

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Don’t be scared of Lamb

Posted by on Aug 19, 2012

I love lamb! Although getting lamb here in Saskatchewan has been a bit of a headache due to most lamb raised here being sent off to Alberta for slaughter and to be shipped off to elsewhere. The last couple of years has seen the same Saskatchewan lamb being shipped back via the grocery stores as “Albertan” lamb because its slaughtered there which seems very odd to me. There’s also been a few local farms which have been producing lamb and one of those is Fruition Orchard Family Farm located East...

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Warm Lentil and Chanterelle salad

Posted by on Aug 3, 2012

So Saskmade Market place on 8th street here in Saskatoon posted they had fresh chanterelles on their facebook page and I had to get some!! I ended up with a pound (16oz) of plump mushrooms and headed back to the kitchen to think about a way to use them. Firstly I had to think about the texture and flavour of these stunning fungi, they have a very meaty texture with a slightly peppery taste so work well with strong flavours. After looking around I gathered my ingredients, basil, thyme, garlic and tomato fresh from...

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